Unity in Diversity - 5 years partnership project between Scouts of Georgia and Scouts of Switzerland.

The programme is a multifaceted set of programme-activities, training-modules and networking that will be executed between 2010 and 2014.

The programme intends to develop the mutual cultural understanding and thus will have an impact on passive and active integration of children, teenagers and adolescents with an immigration background into the Swiss society. This is a long-term approach. The main goals are to foster cross-cultural learning of children, teenagers and adolescents (cross-cultural non formal education), to strengthen the cross-cultural understanding and peer-exchange of adolescents in Switzerland and the partner-countries and to offer them special and unique training-options to better prepare them to be a Scout/Guide-leader (capacity building, train the trainers).

The programme encompasses different pillars, which are training, activities and networking. Training is about joint courses for leaders in Switzerland and the partner-countries. Building on the existing training schemes in Switzerland, Georgia and Serbia courses will be jointly planned, organized and executed. Networking is all about establishing contacts with Scout/Guide- and non-Scout/Guide-organizations. It is the goal to establish a network of experts and expert-organizations intercultural exchange that helps to increase the quality of training and activities. Last but not least, activitiesis about joint camps including groups and units from Switzerland and one or both of the partner-countries. But it is important to mention here, that groups/units are responsible to organize these exchange-activities by themselves. The camps are partly financed through the programme and leaders are supported in their efforts by the project-team. But it is them who take all the relevant decisions and do the important work. This is not the responsibility of the project-team.