Community Development Initiative SCPX - Rustavi

 The project is initiated and financed by BP and its partners and targets 2 micro-districts (18th and 19th – only 4 blocks) in Rustavi. Two components of the program: funding and capacity building support provided to start-up businesses and youth capacity building will feed the overall goal - “to create a harmonious and secure environment for sustained socio-economic development of target communities affected by the SCPX activities and promoting BP Georgia’s public image in the affected areas”.
 CDI - Rustavi is looking up to achievement of 2 specific objectives by the end of 2 year period:

1)     Enable the opportunity-driven process for the population of Rustavi micro-districts #18 and #19 (4, 7, 9 and 23 blocks) to develop small scale businesses through equipping them with necessary skills, knowledge and tools. 

2)     Capacity Building of the youth of 2 target micro-districts by enabling life-long learning, developing basic leadership skills and influencing on their behaviour towards natural environment.  

 Some of the key achievements of the program will be:

  • Creating opportunities for 12 start-up businesses to emerge and at least 75% of them become financially sustainable, reinvesting the profits for expansion and further development;

  • At least 12 new jobs created;

  • At least 40 directly targeted youth (training participants, youth group members, camp participants) benefiting from the cohesive approach including: Leadership, environmental and project cycle management trainings, micro-grant program enabling two target schools to implement small scale projects, introducing a World Scout Environmental Programme and 2 summer camps promoting peer-learning, networking and accountability.