Youth Capacity Building Project at Western Route Export Pipelines (YCBP) is a 2 years project initiated and funded by BP and being implemented by Georgian Organisation of the Scout Movement in cooperation with the Centre of Trainings and Consultancy (CTC).


One of the core approaches adopted by the program is targeting youth 13-16 years of age and equipping them with the necessary leadership skills, life skills, basic understanding of the key personal development needs and supporting their understanding of basics of the entrepreneurship. 

Youth Capacity Building Programme (YCBP) aims at achieving following key results and impact:

At least 43 schools and at least 1376 directly targeted youth (training participants, youth group members) benefiting from the cohesive approach including:

  •  Environmental and Leadership (including citizenship and advocacy) trainings, Personal Development - key competency / skills building opportunities
  •  Micro-grants program enabling at least 43 target schools to implement small scale projects andattract external funding / contribution of the communities.
  •  At least 43 schools introduced with the World Environmental Programme (special program adopted and launched at the World level) equipping them with the practical understanding, knowledge and tools of environmental issues.
  •  1 summer camp drawing on the lessons learned promoting peer-learning, networking and summarizing the achievements throughout the length of the project.
Merging the planned results of the project, GOSM anticipates achieving strengthened capacity of youth to act as responsible citizens, being better positioned to identify the priorities and address those using gained skills as well as, where possible influence the decisions of the relevant stakeholders through advocacy actions.